Hire Equipment


Transport & Safety

  • Car Boot / Station Wagon / Trailer
  • Ear Protection
  • Eye Protection
  • Gloves
  • High Visibility Attire
  • Steel Cap Boots
  • Safety Mask / Respirator

Product Overview

Diamond slitting tool - The tool can be used to slit up to 40 mm depths and 46 mm widths and can be used on materials such as concrete, flint, hard stone, and more.

Planer - With an adjustable cutting depth of up to 4mm and width of 82mm, planers are great for a variety of carpenty and woodwork applications.

Router - Used for woodshaping and precision cutting, with an adjustable depth in 0.1mm increments.

Laminate trimmer - 

Groove Cutter - 

Nibbler - Used for cutting sheet metal, units are available to cut through up to 1.6mm and up to 3.2mm.