Hire Equipment

Vortex V34 Dust Extractor

Transport & Safety

  • Car Boot / Station Wagon / Trailer
  • Safety Mask / Respirator
  • Ute
  • Ear Protection


The Vortex V34-2 HEPA dust extractor has twin motors with a two stage filtration system. The conical pre-filter catches all the large to medium sized dust particles. Certified HEPA filters collect the smallest and most harmful dust. Coupled with our unique Jet Pulse filter cleaning and continuous drop down bagging system. Collecting and handling dust is easy and safe.

Designed for mobility, the V34-2 is reliable and robust. Individual motor switches provide variable suction strength and power. Suitable for all grinders up to 550mm in diameter.


Motor3x 1,200w
Air Flow600 M3/H
Pre Filter3,500 CM2, F8
HEPA Filter3x 1,250 CM2, H13
Vacuum 22 KPA
Weight69.8 KG
Dimensions770 x 500 x 1,450 mm

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